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To close school or not to close, that is the question

UPDATE FROM THE EDITOR: OK, for the six brave souls who completed this simple poll as of today, Feb. 8, 2011, here are the results: Five people said DON’T CLOSE SCHOOL – EVEN IF IT’S BELOW 10 DEGREES. One of you said, BY ALL MEANS, CLOSE SCHOOL WHEN IT’S THAT COLD. What can we make of this? Perhaps that more of our readers drive their children to school? That they grew up in cold places and have no pity on fair-weathered Coloradans? Make a comment. Tell us what you think.

Yippea! We’re all back at school and work today. Of course, this is old news to students in Denver Public Schools, the only major metro area district to send kids to school Wednesday, despite the chilly temps. We are curious what you have to think about school closures. Is extreme cold good enough reason to keep kids at home? Are the Minnesotans and Alaskans laughing at us? Parents, tell us what you think by taking this very quick poll. If you want to share a more nuanced opinion of the matter, please make a comment on this post.

May the big thaw begin. And look for the published results of this ever-so-scientific survey soon!

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