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Undocumented student tells her story


Sonia is one of three students who spoke at Wednesday’s press conference at the state Capitol about the impact of her undocumented status.

Like the others, the Denver college student did not provide a last name but she talked freely about her status, her high school and college experiences, and her hope for the future.

It is a marked contrast to what happened in 2002, when the Denver Post ran a front-page story about an undocumented Aurora high school student named Jesus Apodaca. Former U.S. Congressman Tom Tancredo sought to have the teen and his family deported, prompting outrage from some and praise from others.

“Living under fear like that is something you don’t ever wish upon anyone,” Sonia said. “And that’s why we come out. For the sake of other people who are behind us, for the sake of their future and for the sake of them not ever going through stuff like this.”

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