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Find your school, district remediation rates

Nearly one in three Colorado high school graduates who attend a state college or university must take at least one remedial class to bring basic math, writing or reading skills up to speed, according to a Feb. 4 report.

How does your school or district measure up? EdNews has tracked remediation trends since 2005. Click in the search boxes to see the latest data on the percentage of students required to take remedial classes. For an in-depth look at the issue, read our 2010 story.

Search the Education News Colorado remediation database. //

  • Search tips
  • Click “All” in the School District box to bring up all high schools. However, the state only releases data on those high schools with at least 25 graduates attending a Colorado college or university. If you can’t find your school, or there are blanks for some years, the school did not meet that minimum benchmark.
  • Click any district name to bring up all schools in that district. The state’s ten largest districts also have “district totals” encompassing all high schools. There also are “state of Colorado” totals.
  • To compare schools or districts, hit “Ctrl” and click on as many names as you’d like to see.
  • Clicking the “Details” button brings up more information about the number of graduates in the 2010 report needing help, including a breakdown by subject. Math is, by far, the most common area requiring remediation. Note that some students must take remedial courses in more than one subject.

Important notes about the data

  • Remediation rates are lagging indicators so the latest figures are for students entering college in fall 2009.
  • Numbers included in the EdNews’ database include only those high schools with at least 25 graduates attending a Colorado college or university. Our district and state summaries are based on those figures. These numbers may differ slightly from those reported elsewhere as the state, in its summaries, folds in some students needing remediation who have graduated from private schools or out-of-state schools – a catchall category designated as “out of state/private/unknown.” In addition, if a high school graduates fewer than 25 students who attend a Colorado college or university, the state will not publicly report how many need remediation but will include them in district summaries.
  • Many students who graduate from Colorado high schools enroll in colleges or universities outside the state. Remediation rates for those students, who may be among the best and brightest graduates, are not included in any way in the state report.

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