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Find your school’s 2011 state rating

State officials on Dec. 6 released the second annual ratings for more than 1,600 schools under the Education Accountability Act of 2009.

Ratings possible are Performance, Improvement, Priority Improvement and Turnaround. This year, 69.5% of schools received the highest Performance rating, 18.3% were rated Improvement, 8.9% were Priority Improvement and 3.3% received the lowest rating of Turnaround.

This year’s ratings system includes alternative schools or alternative education campuses. To learn more about the state system, see this EdNews’ story.


Click here to load this Caspio Online Database.Search tips

  • You can select more than one school by holding down the “Ctrl” button and clicking on as many names as you’d like to see.
  • To see all schools with a certain rating, skip the “School District” and “School” search boxes and click on a rating in the “School Rating” search box.
  • After your search results are returned, click on the school name to see more details about the ratings, including the percentage of possible points earned by your school.

Data notes

  • After clicking on a school name, you’ll see ratings in the various areas that make up the overall rating. This includes academic performance, academic growth, whether your school is closing achievement gaps and, for high schools, progress on post-secondary and workforce readiness.
  • Schools with more than one grade level – such as K-8s or 6-12s – may have received more than one rating. This is because the state assigns ratings by grade level – E for elementary, M for middle school and H for high school. So a K-8 school might receive one rating for its E or elementary grades and another rating for its M or middle school grades. Schools denoted with an “A” for grade level mean all grade levels were combined.

Learn more

  • If you prefer to see all schools in an Excel spreadsheet format, go to this Colorado Department of Education webpage and click on “CDE School Plan Type Assignments” for a shorter and easy-to-sort list or check “CDE School Performance Framework Flat File” for even more data.
  • Interested in seeing your school or district improvement plan? Go here.
  • If you have questions about the data or see an error, please contact us at

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