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New app helps parents track their child's immunizations

Your child is signed up for a camp, and, at the last minute, you remember that you need to show proof of his vaccinations. What follows are harried calls to the doctor’s office for the proper documents, precious minutes lost while you’re on hold, and possible errands to be run that you hadn’t planned on.

That scenario can be erased thanks to a new free mobile web application called “Good to Go” helps parents track their children’s immunizations. The application is at and is accessible from mobile phones with Internet access and computers.

From the website on your mobile phone, click on the website’s vaccine schedule and the mobile website version is located at the bottom right of the screen. From any computer, click on the website’s “Good to Go Vaccine Schedule” icon and register to create a personalized immunization schedule.

Colorado state agencies and nonprofits develop app

The mobile web application is the latest addition to the Immunize for Good campaign launched in January by the Vaccine Advisory Committee of Colorado in partnership with the Colorado Immunization Program at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition.

The application delivers a condensed version of the CDC-recommended 0- to 6-year vaccine schedule and allows parents to create a personalized record tailored to each child’s birth date. With the mobile web application, parents can review their child’s vaccine schedule and track the vaccines their child has received.

The mobile web application also includes detailed information about each vaccine and the disease(s) it prevents, customized email reminders for each vaccine, and a progress bar that shows parents how they’re doing in their effort to keep their child protected from vaccine- preventable diseases. Parents also can print a list of their child’s current and recommended vaccines. The list includes a space for a physician’s signature so it can be used as proof of vaccination by school and child care officials.

“When designing the mobile web application, we focused on how we could help these busy parents by making this tool as simple and intuitive as possible,” said Joni Reynolds, director of public health programs for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

In addition to featuring the new Good to Go mobile web application, offers accurate, up-to-date information about childhood vaccines and the diseases they prevent, recommended immunization schedules, and an animated video using simple, easy-to understand language to explain how vaccines work. The campaign also encourages parents to add their own video and written testimonials about why they choose to vaccinate.

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