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EdNews’ Election 2011 Coverage

New school board majorities re-shaping education policy in Denver and Jefferson County were rejected in the Nov. 1 election, as voters appeared to affirm the paths being undertaken by leadership in those districts.

In Douglas County, voters elected a GOP-endorsed, pro-voucher slate of three school board members while rejecting two district tax proposals.

“If you combine the two messages, voters want to continue with education reform but they want to do it very economically,” said Dougco School Board President John Carson.

And across Colorado, voters soundly defeated a proposal to raise state sales and incomes taxes to boost education funding. They also turned down most school district tax hikes to boost operating dollars and to finance school building needs.

Education News Colorado headlines from the election:

EdNews Colorado also created an elections center to inform voters as they cast their ballots. Follow these links to pages containing candidate information, including their positions on vouchers and tax increases, as well as recent media coverage, upcoming debates and forums, and candidate responses to surveys and questionnaires:

We’ve also got the background on Proposition 103 and coverage of the school districts seeking more than $560 million in operating increases and bond issues:

Election Results 2011

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