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Thursday Churn: Cleanup day

What’s churning:

The Colorado Commission on Higher Education holds its monthly meeting this morning, just two days after Gov. John Hickenlooper released his proposed 2012-13 budget, which includes a 9.7 percent cut in direct state support for colleges, taking it to $563 million from the current $619 million, which includes $519 million for institutions and $100 million from financial aid.

Cuts of some level were expected, and representatives of colleges and universities reportedly were involved in discussions leading up to the budget plan, including how to allocate the reductions among campuses. The commission is scheduled to vote on the allocation formula during its meeting at Arapahoe Community College. Agenda

Starting at 1 p.m. the state Capital Construction Assistance Board gathers to pick through the pieces of Tuesday’s election, which brought bad news for two of the eight districts seeking to raise matching funds for state BEST grants awarded earlier this year by the board.

Four of the five alternates selected by the board also failed to get local matches passed, leaving only Englewood as the alternate district that could benefit from the money left on the table by voters in the Elbert 200 and Montezuma-Cortez districts.

The board, meeting at the Department of Education on Capitol Hill, will decide which grants will go forward. Agenda

What’s on tap:

The Boulder Valley school board has a special meeting set for noon at 6500 Arapahoe in Boulder.

The Denver school board has a “Focus on Achievement” session scheduled for 4:30 p.m. at 900 Grant St. Agenda

The Jeffco school board convenes at 5 p.m. at district headquarters, 1829 Denver West Drive, Building 27, in Golden. Agenda

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