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Ask an Expert: What is a STEM school?

Q. My son shows a real aptitude in math – and science. We want to make sure we’re giving him all the opportunities we can. With open enrollment season upon us, are there schools in the metro Denver area that can help him?

Q. STEM is an acronym for science, technology, mathematics and engineering. Hence a STEM school has a focus on these subjects. Usually a STEM school is what I would call a “personality school.” It’s either a public school with a specialty, like a magnet or charter, or a private school with such a mission.

Don’t all schools teach Science Technology, Engineering, and Math?

Schools without a STEM focus may indeed offer all of these subjects. However, STEM schools typically spend more time on these topics, integrate the subjects, and take a hands-on approach.

Do you learn other subjects in a STEM school?

Yes, the kids still take your language arts, social studies and other core subjects. Usually the additional time comes from the time other schools spend doing enrichment. A STEM school may, for example, offer robotics, applied science, Math-Olympics, engineering, and gaming design instead of other enrichment courses.

Should I seek a STEM school for my child?

A school with a STEM focus may be what the doctor ordered if your child:

  • Enjoys math and science;
  • Learns through exploration and discovery;
  • Enjoys activities such as Lego, K’NEX, robotics, animation, game and web design;
  • Is constantly taking stuff apart “to see how it works.”

STEM schools in metro Denver

Denver School of Science and Technology

STEM School and Academy in Highlands Ranch

STEM Magnet Lab School in Northglenn

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