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Culinary boot camp for school cooks

The push for healthy school food is spreading to even the most remote areas of Colorado. School kitchen staff from Norwood Public Schools, located in a small ranching community in gorgeous southwestern Colorado, recently got whipped up in the healthy food frenzy as they attended Cook for America Culinary Boot Camp in Montrose for a week. The main thing they want now? An immersion blender to make mass smoothies. Read more in the Telluride Daily Planet .

Kitchen personnel from across the state attended, included an enthusiastic gang from Aurora. Read more about them in YourHub.

The folks who attended plan to make their own soup stocks and sauces to cut back on the amount of preservatives, thickeners, salt, sugar, fat and MSG used in the recipes. They also plan to cook dry beans instead of buying them canned beans to save money. In Aurora, about 50 community members recently tasted some of the district’s new fare – fine-tuned at boot camp, including spice-rubbed barbecue chicken, lentils with turkey sausage and butternut squash mac-and-cheese, and guess what? The diners cheered. It’s unclear whether there were children in the audience, however.

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