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Ask an Expert: How much contact should I have with my child’s teacher?

EdNews Parent Expert Justin Darnell responds:

Q. How much and how should I be in contact with my child’s teacher? Does it vary depending on grade level (elementary, middle, high school)?

A. How much you are in contact with your child’s teacher is purely up to you. However, if it helps, think of the three bears. You don’t want to be there too much and become a hindrance to daily activities, and you don’t want to be there too little and miss opportunities to help you child learn.

You want to be there somewhere in the middle. You should also remember that you could support your child and teacher in many different ways. You do not need to come to school. Check for homework, have your child describe what they learned and teach another family member, call, e-mail, write a note, etc.

You should also remember that you are an expert on your child so please take the time to share why they are so special and maybe give us tips on how to engage them.

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