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Find Denver school demographics

Data from the October 2010 student count is used to populate our database showing enrollment numbers, poverty and minority rates, and numbers of English language learners and students with special needs for all 169 schools and programs in Denver Public Schools.

Search by school name by clicking in the top box. Or search by school type – CH for charter, for example – in the second box. Scroll down to see the abbreviations key and how charters stack up against all DPS schools.


Click here to load this Caspio Online Database.Abbreviations key for database

  • School type – E for Elementary, K-8 for grades K through 8, M for Middle, H for High, CH for Charter and ALT for Alternative school.
  • Poverty – Denotes the percent of students eligible for the federal free and reduced-price lunch program, a commonly used indicator of poverty for schools.
  • Minority – Refers to percent of students in a school who report an ethnicity other than white. For a detailed breakdown of ethnicity by school, see this DPS report.
  • English language learners – The percent of students with a language background other than English who are being served or monitored by either a bilingual or English as a Second Language program.
  • Special needs – The percent of students with special needs who have a specially defined Individual Education Plan.

DPS district vs. charter demographics, 2010

  • Poverty – All district schools have a combined FRL rate of 73 percent compared to 74 percent for all charters.
  • Minority – All district schools have a combined minority rate of 81 percent compared to 81 percent for all charters.
  • English language learners – All district schools have a combined ELL rate of 26 percent compared to 27 percent for all charters.
  • Special needs – All district schools have a combined rate of 11 percent compared to 11 percent for all charters. However, only one charter to date is serving students with severe special needs.

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