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The Daily Churn: Monday


What’s churning:

Odds are 50-50: Depending on which anonymous source you believe, Colorado Education Commissioner Dwight Jones is the inside favorite to run Las Vegas schools – or Dallas Independent Superintendent Michael Hinojosa has the inside track.

Friday, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported:

One district administrator who spoke with both men believes Hinojosa is the better choice because of his experience in running a large school district. Dallas has about 160,00 students and is the nation’s 14th-largest system. The same administrator, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Jones’ responses to questions about district operations were broad while Hinojosa was precise and detailed. Jones was out of his league, the administrator said. Other district insiders speculate that Jones has the advantage. He made a favorable impression as a leader and a good listener, they said.

Meanwhile, Saturday’s Denver Post included a story quoting:

A Clark County school insider, who asked not to be named, said Friday that five of the seven school trustees favor Jones for the position.

Guess we’ll find out Wednesday, when the Clark County, Nev. School board is expected to meet and make their pick. Two school board members are in Dallas today and expected to fly in to Denver tonight before making their way back to Vegas.

Cash continues to roll in to Coloradans for Responsible Reform, the group that’s opposing tax-slashing amendments 60, 61 and Proposition 101. Among contributors listed on a recent report were the Colorado Association of School Boards, which kicked in $10,000, and Independent Higher Education of Colorado, which donated $500. (That group represents the University of Denver, Regis University and Colorado College.)

There also were five-figure donations from several construction companies and $20,000 from the Colorado Professional Firefighters. The group has raised about $6 million, while the proponents, CO Tax Reforms, have raised $14,313. Financial reports filed last week showed little change from prior filings in fund raising and contributions by teachers’ unions and other education groups. The next filing deadline is Oct. 4.

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