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The Daily Churn: Tuesday

What’s churning:

The Colorado Education Association is striking back at the state’s largest newspaper for slamming its lack of participation in Race to the Top. A Monday post on the CEA’s Capitol Connection blog says “the Denver Post resumed its unwarranted criticism of CEA for not signing on to the application” in an editorial on Aug. 25, the day after state leaders learned they’d lost their bid for $175 million in federal funds. “We believe it’s shameful for the Post to react as it did,” reads the unsigned entry, describing the editorial as “an unfounded rant.” Other factors played a role in the loss, the CEA argues: “Any third grader could look at a map of the states that received the funding and see that there is at least the appearance of bias against Western states with local control.”

The blog post ends with this: “In her public comments last week, CEA President Beverly Ingle referred to the new breed of competitive grants as “reform on the run.” As educators, we know that thoughtful, sustainable education policy is needed. Thus, we will continue to be a leading voice for a collaborative, constructive approach to providing a quality education for every student. We leave the blame game to others who are obviously much better suited for it.”

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What’s on tap:

Denver Public Schools has its first parent forums of the 2010-11 school year, with meetings scheduled today at 9:15 a.m. and 6:15 p.m. at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Superintendent Tom Boasberg started the meetings last year with parents invited from each of the district’s schools. They meet once a month. The purpose, according to DPS, is “to help strengthen the critical connection between Denver parents and schools.”

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