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Recount confirms passage of Mapleton override

The Mapleton Public Schools received some cold comfort this week after a recount by the Adams County Clerk found that district’s $1.9 million mill-levy override did indeed pass – by seven votes.

The bigger disappointment, of course, was the loss of measure 3B, a $30.2 million bond issue.

“It’s fantastic and much needed,” said Damon Brown, chief communications officer for Mapleton about the override. “Every cent is important for a school system.”

Override revenue is earmarked for new textbooks, library materials, math and science supplies, teacher recruitment and expansion of vocational and college prep programs. The final vote on the override was 1,875 yes, 1,868 no.

Mapleton has had an unsuccessful recent history of bond proposals, but the loss of the 2009 bond plan was particularly hard because that local money would have matched by $31.9 million in already-approved state funds from the Build Excellent Schools Today program. That was the largest match approved by the BEST board earlier this year, but Mapleton was required to match it.

The bond and BEST money would have paid for a $50 million renovation of the Skyview campus, near East 88th Avenue and York Street, including a number of new buildings. New roofs for two other schools were also in the plans.

The bond issue failed with 1,813 yes votes and 1,865 no, a margin of 52.

“That money is still sorely needed,” Brown said.