It can be confusing, even in traditional media such as newspapers, to figure out what’s supposed to be straight news and what’s supposed to be opinion. The new media world of blogging doesn’t make it any easier.

So here’s how our site is set up:

– The emphasis of our home page is news. News articles are listed under the “Latest News” headline on the top right and, lower down in the page, under the “Capitol News,” ”K-12 News,” “Healthy Schools” and “Higher Education” headlines. You will never find blogs or commentary containing opinion here.

– The rotating photo box on the top left links to a mix of news articles, opinion pieces and our parent blog. Opinion pieces, called “Voices,” are labeled as are our Parent Blog and Ask-an-Expert features.

– The chief spot on our home page routinely devoted to opinion is in the spot under the rotating photo box. This is our community opinion section, called “Voices,” and we encourage contributions to this section.

– We also have integrated our sister site, EdNewsParent.org, into our home page. This “EdNews Parent” section features pieces from parents as well as expert advice in response to questions submitted by our readers. We encourage parents to write about their education experiences and to submit questions.

EdNews Publisher Alan Gottlieb oversees all operations but chiefly handles business matters. Todd Engdahl, the Capitol editor, deals exclusively with the news sections while Julie Poppen, Voices and EdNews Parent editor, oversees our opinion and parent sections.

Thoughts? Let us know at EdNews@ednewscolorado.org.